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A True Transformation

Fuller Lips

Have the sexy, supple, full lips you've wanted!  It couldn't be easier with BLAfit™.

Toned Face

By exercising your facial muscles your skin becomes toned and fine lines disappear.

60 Seconds a day is all it takes.

Defined Jawline

Using BLAfit™ every day strengthens the small muscles under your chin and along the jaw to accentuate your natural facial structure.

Introducing BLAfit™



I’m so happy I found BLA Fit! I recommend face fitness to all, and everyone that purchases a BLA device ends up thanking me. You will see an immediate difference in your lips day #1. I got fuller lips and the perfect pout out of the gate. After two weeks, I started to see my jawline and cheekbones tighten up. I’ve shared BLA exercises on my social platforms many times, and I always get the question… Does it REALLY work? I’m here to tell you it 100% works. It exceeded my expectations. I hate to think what 50+ or more years of putting fillers and botox in my face would have done to my body. This tool has been the way to achieve everything I got from lip fillers and botox without the adverse side effects. It’s also super fun to use before a night out. Everyone will think you just got your lips done! I highly recommend BLA. You will be astounded at the significant difference it makes in the tone, contour, and overall tightness of your face! 

Sheila Hulsey, Beauty Blogger

I am absolutely obsessed with my BLA appliance. I used to go through the pain of getting lip injections with juvederm. I didn't think anything else will plump up my lips the same way but then I tried BLA - and I get the same instant result pain free! I keep one of my BLA's in my purse, so that way I have it with me all the time!

Sara H, Law student

I've been using BLAfit diligently twice a day on my way to work and on my way back in the car. I notice my lips are a little pumped once I get to my destination, so that's good! I'm gonna keep using it. I'm excited to see my results.

Danielle, 40

I'v been having less migraines (none in the last 3 weeks) since I started using BLAfit, my lips don’t feel like thin lines anymore, particularly my top lip. I feel like it used to disappear in photos when I smile and it’s not anymore.

Lu, 28

After using the BLAfit appliance I can feel the 'heat' on my lips. I have small lips, so I'm excited to continue to use it. My jaw feels better - less TMJ - helps to relieve that pain.

Cocolli, 30

Designed by a Doctor

Dr. Maryam Bakhtiyari is an acclaimed board certified dentist. She spent 5 years working on the design and patent of the BLA facial exerciser, making absolutely sure that the easy-to-use design and safe & long-lasting materials deliver results. 




Have a Minute?

Enhance your natural beauty...naturally!  See what 60 seconds a day can do to give you sexy lips, smooth skin, and amazing confidence.

Try BLAfit™ today.