Step by Step Instructions for Use

Step 1:

Clean your face and apply moisturizer reaching all the way to the chin and neck area. This will prepare your face for exercise and it will enhance the effects of BLA.

Step 2:

Place the BLA horizontally between your lips, resting the ends of the device in the corners of your mouth (Fig 1 below). This mode will allow you to exercise in “smile” and “say oh” facial. 

Step 3:

Place the BLA vertically between your lips, resting the plastic ends on the top and bottom lip (Fig 2 below).

This form will allow you to exercise when making the “Ah!” expression and closing your mouth. 

Step 4:

Rinse the BLA and store until your next session.   You must repeat these steps for 30 seconds, three times a week during the first month.


Care and Handling

Here are a few tips to keeping your BLA in the best shape possible:

  1. Do not bend the BLA in the opposite direction.  This will ruin the tension that was designed for the exercises.
  2. Keep your BLA in the case when not in use.  This keeps a restriction on the bend so that it will last.
  3. Sanitize your BLA in between uses.  This will prevent from any kind of discoloration.