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Dr. Maryam & BLA


The Story begins with BLA's designer. Dr. Maryam Bakhtiyari, a skilled dentist, and the first female in the world to be board certified with the international board of orthodontics. She has been practicing for over twenty-five years.

Dr. Maryam's practice is limited to TMJ, orthodontics and sleep apnea, an affliction that is becoming more and more common amongst children. Dr. Maryam is a strong believer in functional jaw orthopedics, a process that recognizes the inter-relatedness of human anatomy and accomplishes its goals by strengthening or repositioning the surrounding anatomical areas in order to effect a faster, more enduring change less invasively than typical orthodontic practices while creating healthy, broad, beautiful smiles.

As a painter in her spare time, she has a deep and abiding interest in art and aesthetics. She has carried this interest over into her professional work and takes special care to consider aesthetic improvements for her patients; she loves nothing more than to help people to achieve healthy, balanced, beautiful faces.

Throughout her years of practicing, Dr. Maryam noticed that men and women of all ages were satisfied with the aesthetic results of their orthodontic treatments, but still desired fuller lips, firmer skin and stronger jaw lines. They wanted to know if she could do anything to help them with those problems, so she began to look for a solution.

At home, Dr. Maryam enjoys cooking healthy food for her family, so much so that she has studied nutrition extensively. As a result of her studies, Dr. Maryam came to the conclusion that the reason she was seeing so many people with weak facial muscles and sunken lips was due to our diet. Between the use of utensils and modern food processing, virtually all the food we eat is soft and easy to chew. Consequently, we no longer use our teeth or the muscles in our jaws and faces to the extent our ancestors did, so our facial muscles are weak, and our lips look sunken and our jaw lines weak.

In her practice, Dr. Maryam treats many children and adolescents, youths who are insecure about their appearance in the face of society's demands about beauty. In a world full of picture perfect actors and models smiling at us from every television, billboard and magazine ad, it is easy for even adults to feel less than attractive and to want to do something, anything to erase their perceived flaws and improve their appearance.

There are all sorts of "remedies" for these perceived flaws for those who are sufficiently motivated to get them, but as someone who works with kids every day, and as a parent of a teenage son and daughter, Dr. Maryam had good reason to be concerned about the lengths kids will go to in order to pursue beauty in the age of Photoshop. She resolved to find a beauty solution for people of all ages that was healthy, easy and non-intrusive. In a way, that solution lies at the intersection of Dr. Maryam's professional work and her personal interests. She married together her appreciation of aesthetics from painting, her love of sports and fitness, her commitment to healthy nutrition, and her years of study to envision BLA.



The road from conception to realization was not a short one. Dr. Maryam invested a great deal of time, research and effort into this project. She worked with aircraft engineers and inventors in order to design a device that would work. She tried many materials, from metals to plastics, and many iterations of the design to make certain that the device would be as durable, and efficient as possible. She used only FDA approved colors and materials and conducted a variety of tests to ensure the safety of everyone who uses it. After seven years of work and countless hours of testing, she succeeded.

BLA is safe and easy to use. With a few short, 30 second exercises every day, it is now possible to firm your skin, plump up your lips, and build your facial muscles, so that you can achieve the healthy, beautiful face you've always wanted.

BLA has been tested to 400,000 repetitions without breaking or wearing out. Great care was taken to make certain it is affordable and readily accessible to everyone, with no need for a doctor's prescription. Dr. Maryam is especially pleased that it has helped her daughter to feel more attractive and to have an improved self image and sense of self worth. She believes that BLA can help others feel the same way, and see healthy as beautiful.

Dr. Maryam Bakhtiyari is a highly skilled general dentist with extensive experience in orthodontics. She treats patients of all ages and specializes in solutions for sleep apnea and TMJ disorders. She graduated from UCLA with a degree in biochemistry and received her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. She holds a master of excellence certification, the highest academic achievement, from the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain. She was the first female in the world to be board certified with the International Board of Orthodontics and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine. Her practice is Manhattan Beach Orthodontics in beautiful Southern California. When she is not treating patients, inventing ways to achieve optimal health and beauty, or lecturing to fellow professionals, Dr. Maryam enjoys painting and spending time with her husband and two children on their farm.