A commitment to holistic approaches that solve patients' problems, an innate intelligence for medical innovation, and a talent for fine art painting are what led Dr. Maryam to create the Bella Lips Appliance.

Years of studying patients' faces in order to straighten their crooked teeth, relieve their TMJ pain, and halt their excessive snoring or sleep apnea gave Dr. Maryam insight in how to render each person's facial structure to its unique perfection by aligning teeth and jaw. She observed that when mouth muscles are made more elastic with proper positioning and repetitive motion, lips became fuller and fine lines faded. And voilà, the idea for Bella Lips Appliance was born.

“More and more of my younger patients have been seeking injections to enhance the curve of their faces and lips,” says Dr. Maryam. “Indeed, I have noticed that many do have less curvature on their faces as well as their lips.”

She blames the increasing complaints of what she has dubbed “flat face”, in part, to the fast– paced lifestyle and on-the-go diet, which requires less chewing, that is so prominent in today's culture.

“I invented BLA for everyone from age 15 to 90 who wants to increase muscle mass, sculpt their faces, and lift and plump their lips holistically. Due to our hectic lifestyle – and as a busy doctor and a mom, I understand how valuable our time is – BLA is the perfect device because it requires very little time – just one minute – and offers immense benefits.”

Dr. Maryam designed the Bella Lips Appliance to be simple to use. It hugs your lips as your mouth moves through a few stretching exercises that take a minute to complete. The exercises can be done anywhere, anytime at your convenience. And help you put your best face forward while adding supple fullness to the lips.

BLA comes in a variety of FDA-approved colors, is BPA free, and manufactured in the USA.